• 30 days lease GUARANTEE -  We will find a quality tenant within 30 days or you do not pay a leasing fee!


  • NO EVICTION GUARANTEE -  If we have to evict a tenant we placed, for non-payment of rent, we will pay for the eviction up to $700 (which usually covers all court costs and attorney's fees)! We will also find a new tenant for free!


  • CANCELATION GUARANTEE - If you're not happy, let us know and we'll make it right. If we can't, we will credit you that month's management fee. If you want out of the agreement, you can cancel at anytime !


  • Pet Damage Guarantee - If you allow a pet, we guarantee your home will not be damaged by a pet we approve. We will pay for any pet damage that exceeds the security deposit, up to $1,000. 


  • “FREE Property management Program”  - 100% of your monthly management fees are refundable    

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